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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Exactly what I was thinking lol. I actually read every post in this thread and damn did I get my amusement for the day haha. OP nice ride, treat her well and I am sure in good time you will be able to buy your first car alone and then the haters will fizzle away.

Edit; heck I just could not resist.. I am 21 and I own my car out right. Yes I sell counterfeit goods and whenever you guys send stuff on Greyhound and it goes missing, you got it, that is me.

(I wonder who can see the truth and the lies in what I said.. lol)

the funny thing is that 40 year old was probably sitting at home like uhh uhh these 20 year olds are hating on me idk what to do!

hey nine if youre reading this, hope you enjoy your life with your GUCCI and OTHER SHIT YOU REP