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06/13/09 C&C "meet"/breakfast/cruise

Hey guys,

I am going to C&C this saturday 6/13/09 with my friend in a RS4. I know that alot of people wanted to tag along when Sard went with some people last week. So i thought i give a heads up that i am going and if anyone wanted to join me.

Meet up at the best buy parking lot in the tustin marketplace:

Time: 6:45am
TUSTIN, CA 92782

i WILL NOT be parking in the "SHOW" parking lot. I dont think all of us should either. I am parking in the spectator parking lot then we can go park together at the marmalade in the district to have breakfast.

Time: 7:00am
Address: 7905 Gateway Blvd Irvine, CA 92618

Go to breakfast at Marmalade in the district:
Time: 8:30am ish
Address: 2667 Park Ave, Tustin

After that i was thinking of cruising down to Dana point to take some pics. Here are some reconnaissance pics that i took last time:

This is above the Cannons Grill and we can line up the cars near the curb below. Nice scenery:

Right next to cannon grill(yes i know theres a FENCE there!)

Someone can stand on top of the cliff area and take pics of us driving down the "hill":

Possible shoot in front of the hotel:

Gazebo group shoot:

Scenery of Dana Point:

It is right next to Canon Resturant in Dana Point:
34344 Street of the Green Lantern • Dana Point, CA 92629


Again, I am NOT telling people to park in the C&C "SHOW" parking lot because i know they got annoyed with that during the S2k fiasko. I am just going and we can have our event/meet afterwards.

Anyone want to join me?

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