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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
I don't think you cheaped out at all. I had the Hankooks before the PSS and they are a very good general purpose performance tire. They are no where near as good at or near the limit as the PSS but so what... if you are just using them for commuting and an occasional spirited run, they are great. I think the PSS are for those who want/need more performance from their tires and are willing to pay the premium.

The reason I went to the PSS was because I found the Hankooks to be disappointing when I pushed the car hard. They were not confidence inspiring. But, as a DD tire, they were great and comfortable. IMO, the Hankooks and the Continental Extreme Contact DW are exceptional value performance tires.

On my 135i, just got the PSS installed, coming from the Hankook V12s. Clearly the PSS's are better, but for the price, the Hankook's just can't be beat. Having said that, I'm glad I made the switch. Yes, there is a difference, yes it was worth it for me. If you car is a DD that you commute with and don't push hard, the Hankooks are a no-brainer. But the PSS offer more grip wet and dry and allow you to be more confident.