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Originally Posted by robackja View Post
I would go, but its far, and after inspection, according to the RMC guys, I would need a brake fluid change, since my brake fluids is older than 120 days or something, even though I just got my car in January and only has 3,000 miles on it. I really don't feel like paying for the track, a brake fluid change, and gas (tracks are 1hr+ away from Fort Collins), just to get a few runs around the track.

Maybe I am just being stupidly stubborn, but I just feel the brake fluid change is ridiculous and the main reason why so many shops are willing to do a "free" BMW CCA track pre-inspection, because they are almost always going to say you need a brake fluid change and get $$ out of it.

Am I wrong? Do I not need a track inspection? Do I not need a brake fluid change if my fluid is older than 120 days?
I was in this exact same situation for the spring driving school. I failed the tech inspect because of break fluid. However, I talked to the club safety officer and told him my car was new and he ok'd it.

I should have my car back this Friday. I am down for the next Autocross as long as I dont have to work. When is it?