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Originally Posted by gr8one88 View Post
you are most obviously a fanboy
Dude, you really started to look bad, if I were you I'd just stop posting and hope that this thread dies somehow..
You are the fanboy who just in love with his E46 with nothing to support his subjective claims (more fun, looks better and raw). Even when you tried to get other people's votes in your own thread below, 3/4 of the voters voted for the E92

and when you got dissapointed with the results of the poll you opened, you started solisting votes on other threads like this one, beging people to vote for the E46

I don't know what else will it take to show you that you are just in love with your E46 but others actually don't see it the same as you do. It's a nice car but most of us think E92 looks better, perform better, faster and much more fun. I love my E92 too and actually can understand how would you feel this about your E46 however, I won't try this much to get other people to agree with me..Chill
Listen, I have daughters and I think they are the most beautiful girls on the planet, objectively, that can’t be true though so I just keep those subjective thoughts to myself and don’t go around asking people “Don’t you think my girls are just so beautiful? Aren’t they the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”
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