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Originally Posted by signes View Post
What is your build date?
I believe it is 12/07

Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
lot of work/money, for very minimal gain if any
No doubt it's mostly cosmetic, I did it because I wanted the challenge trunk which requires the LCI upgrade. There is about a 30lb weight loss, if you consider that meaningful.

Originally Posted by Snig View Post
Fiiiiine, just get blacklines and put LED bulbs in them.... sheeeeesh.


If you wanted the LCI look to begin with (unless you bought the 2008 new), you should have bought an LCI car.
I had the blacklines prior. Don't know about the OP, but I did buy my car new in 2008. Boy, sure is a good thing I don't need to justify my mods to you, eh, buddy.

Originally Posted by img View Post
I have done the swap on my car and all what i needed was the Lci taillights,an 09 trunk and coding by the dealer.No FRM needed and im early 08 build !
Also there were a wire swap to get it to work.If interested i can go back and look what wire needed to be swapped since i have the wiring diagram of the car.
This would be very helpful. There are 4 color-coded wires. If you could tell me what order you've arranged them into (ex: left tail; going from outermost cable toward the car midline: green:blackurp:red), that may help a lot. I've got everything working, but maybe a swap of 2 may get rid of my error code.

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