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I am so sorry I caused you to dislike your car

Originally Posted by sameh View Post
After reading your post I couldn't even look at my 2011 E92. I drove it and didn't hear the S65 nor the exhaust at 8400RPM. I drifted a 90• corner at high speed but nothing seems to satisfy my "button obsessed" mind. I flicked through my 7 gears with that DCT thing, first 3 gears WOT and even that continuous pulling didn't do it for me. I'm selling it for a "lightly modded" E46. Thanks
I'd feel the same way looking at my e9x and driving it after looking at this e46 and driving it....

Dangggggg and that is after 7 years of daily driver action driving it hard daily in Florida.....I highly doubt the e9x will look as good or have as much respect or have as much lust after the same time period....fanboys like you will move onto the f32 and the e9x will be obsolete in everyway in your mind huh?