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Originally Posted by gr8one88 View Post
I have extensively driven various e9xs and owned e46s they both have great characteristics but to me the e46 is a more fun more collectible car. I love the e9x don't get me wrong fanboys relax is right

Originally Posted by indohan View Post
OP was just trying a start discussion on whether E46 is more fun to drive than E9x.
I think he was just stating his opinion regarding the cars.
We never know if he drove both cars or not.
Neither we know that each of you who said E9x is better have driven E46 or not.
He even mentioned E39, which is true. E39 is the game changer in my book.
Chillax, fellas.

If you call this "troll", how about those little girls who create douche bag threads?
If you disagree with this thread, maybe you guys should think whether the topic you're about to discuss should belong to Twitter or this forum.
O yeah, rants belong to Twitter, not forum.
Fun, raw and looking better are all personal subjective opinions. We've heard other E46 drivers saying exactly the opposite of what you're saying but none have came out and said E46 is more powerful, faster or more reliable. So thank you for sharing your personal opinion that may be right but is probably wrong.
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