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Clutch and 6MT

Forgive the elementary ? but I and a boot in the M world since I just got it not too long ago. My ? is, how strong or solid is the 6MT and Clutch? I know that everything can only handle so much abuse but with our cars, how long has the 6MT been lasting and with hard driving, same ? for the expected wear out on the clutch?

On only ask because I got my car a few weeks ago and got it used with 20,000. Today I scared the shit out of myself. Since I'm in love with this car, I hit the "M" button and hammered it from a stop. Right as I was shifting into second, I drove over a minor bump but that bump was enough to cause me to miss shift 2nd and I heard the grind that every one has heard when you miss shift.... My trans seems fine with no weird noises and feels normal but how much do you think that effected my trans? Has me worried along.... The clutch ? is just wondering with hard driving how long it will last so I can decide to tone down the hammering or not.... Thnx all....
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