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most recent lighting mods

Finally had a minute with my home computer to upload a few pics...

i apologize a few of the pics are a little blurry (iphone camera and low light requiring high ISO on dslr) but you get the general idea...

interior mods:
white leds for the glove box, trunk, map, and vanity lights
blue leds for the under door courtesy lights, floorwell lights, and dome lights
basically the point was to have the interior light up blue when i unlock the car or have the doors open and when i need actual light to read something i wanted to have white leds to still keep function

exterior mods:
white led angel eyes (looking for a better version as i have come across several e9x 3series (not m) that are 1000x brighter so please give me suggestions) at 6000k heat intensity, 6000k d1s, and weisslicht white led turn signals. the only light i forgot about swapping out was the cornering lights... anyone know if this is an h3 bulb so i can change this out for something less yellow????



first pic below is a little bit on the fuzzy side because it was at night and my garage lights are terrible for the moment so iso was set way high but you can see the white led turn signals, angels, and headlights all on which are all the same shade of white which was ultimately my goal. the led turn signals are a bit whiter than i expected so I may have to up my 6000k to something whiter and my angel eyes seriously need to be better. the simple solutions of city vision or weisslicht h8 bulbs are seriously lackluster in my opinion:

first time ive really done mods to any car owned... can easily see how people are pouring thousands upon thousands in to this as I am feeling the draw to do more
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