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Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
I was backing off a little most of the time, on the straights you would catch Boxsters and Caymans, that were faster in the turns than I, on pure grunt and there was a lot of passing going on by P-turbos! I sucked at Oak Tree, so would go aorund it in 3rd instead of 2nd. I was getting 145 on the speedo (139 real?) on the back straight, and probably ~125 on the front straight as I was conservative through The Hogpen.

Please note that I have RPI scoops on my car, so that will have added huge amounts of power!
I have a lot of experience at VIR, and I'll offer a comment regarding Oak Tree. Because of the combination of radius and track camber, it is challenging to smoothly downshift and make the turn in to the second apex. I find it difficult even with a DCT car, because I am trying to left foot brake everywhere, and the same issues arise. A good race seat and harness make either much easier, since you don't have to rely on your left foot for support. If you compare your speed, second v. third gear, at a point down the track, say the entrance of the south course on the left, you might be surprised that the difference is not so great. It depends on the gearing and torque of the car, of course. From a competitive perspective, Oak Tree is tremendously important, since you are entering the longest straght on the track, wide open into the brake zone way down there. If you work on your line through there, you might find you can carry enough speed that third gear is fine.