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Originally Posted by Bullet View Post
I just started using creatin and ive noticed some solid gains. It fills ur muscles up with water but as you work out the water gets replaced with nurtients easier. But the way you react to Creatin will depend alot on ur diet. If u eat little to no red meat then youll notice a HUGE gain, the more red meat you eat the less of a gain youll see. And also try and stay away from the pills and liquid. Its not as stable as a powder form.. ALSO if u mix it with a fruit juice of some kind itll absorbe into your muscle much better..
Care to share why it is "absorbed much better"?

Creatine is naturally found in red meats for those wondering.

And to answer OPs question, meal timing irrelevant, and in this case, a PWO shake. Your muscles wont fall off if you dont take one immediatly after you workout.

If you want proof let me know.