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Originally Posted by Whipple View Post
My friend has a Toyota supra twin turbo with over 100,000 miles on it still going strong , it has upgraded fuel system,hks single turbo 4" full exhaust , it has 600 rwp and it's been like this for years,it's an absolute beast,That is old technology compared to today ,they have basically perfected turbos, I'm sure it will be really reliable , also it's so easy to add power to a turbo engine
you said twin turbo and then one single turbo...
And he probably has epic turbo lag with that one large turbo...also Supra's are known for their HP, but not putting the power down.

You cannot compare a overbuilt 2jz-gte or it's non-turbo counterpart to BMW's I6's...that 2jz-gte is legendary for being able to take 500 hp with stock internals, it's built to last. Period. It's like comparing the Mercedes w124 300CE now to the early 2000s CLK or possibly even the C-Class coupe of today...the w124 300CE was a overbuilt car (and had a nice Inline 6), and the car doors slam sht like a bankvault, even when the interior is strip out.