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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
I think the Autoexpress Artikle is not 100% correct and a little bit confusing.

To my Infos there are only two 6 cylinder possibilities, because the M-GmbH has developed them for testing:

- an 3.3ltr.V6 TT(T) ... developed from the S63 M5 4.4ltr.V8 TT
- an 3.2ltr.I6 TT(T) ... developed from the N55 engine

In the moment the descision has gone to the inline-6 3.2ltr. because itīs the cheapest alternative ... the 3.2ltr is the maximum displacement they can get from the N55 engineblock ... more displacement wouldnīt come because that meens an complete new engineblock ... and that is too costly.

Thanks for the update.

I am resigned to the fact that it won't be a twin-turbo V8. But I think a tri-turbo inline 6 sounds very promising.

I have the sneaking suspicion that when the new M3 comes out, as long as the reviews say it's great, lots of people will want one after all. Even if M3 owners don't really care about the rising price of gas, if the competitors are making equal power cars that are more fuel efficient, M3 owners will want their cars to be just as fuel-efficient.
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