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Originally Posted by Jblack4083 View Post
After reading all your posts I wouldn't be surprised if you said "making money doesn't matter" . I don't understand why people who would never buy an ///M SAV are so concerned with the ///M SAVs and BMW's marketing decisions.

At the end of the day they're going to make an amazing car that you love which will probably be the ///M3. Is that not enough for you?
Are we afraid that our "status" of owning an ///M car is going to decrease? Regardless of whatever BMW ///M does you will still have that car whether they use "volume seller" cars to fund the new technology in it or not.

My point is... As long as they have a product in their range that suits you perfectly, you have no reason to be so upset over their other products. They're always going to make cars that get nothing but amazing reviews and kill the competition even if they also have cars in their lineup that go against their traditional philosophies.
Don't agree. Sure they can make any car they want. They can put M badge on a pencil sharpener if they want. But they're not only making M SUVs. The whole company's attitude towards the M brand is shifting from what M used to be to what AMG is now. That, is the problem.
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