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Originally Posted by John Tanglewood View Post
Forum policy has been mentioned. CLEARLY, nobody is in violation, or else there'd be less talk and simply a closing of the thread.

This thread's been up for 2 full days on an extremely active message board with a very clear title stating what it's about, and it has yet to be closed. What does that tell you? To stop complaining.

And did I mention the clocks? Look at the clocks on both cars and you can see that the runs were taken 25 minutes apart. I doubt M33 sets his clock that far in advance, but just another example of how every measure was taken to ensure this thread wouldn't be interpreted as a race thread.

Getting back to the vids --- Izz I can't even think what it would feel like to accelerate that quickly through triple digits... it's real impressive how it seems to effortlessly pull throughout the range. Damn.

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