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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Hmmm, was or was not one or more of the videos two cars both going WOT at the same point in time? Also did the event occur on a public street? It appears to be visually and you did mention that it was empty at this time.

I call that a street race.

Look not trying to be a hard ass here. Just mentioning forum policy. I've made similar comment in many other similar threads. It appears that the draw of such threads is seen as more valuable that forum rules.

Forum policy has been mentioned. CLEARLY, nobody is in violation, or else there'd be less talk and simply a closing of the thread.

This thread's been up for 2 full days on an extremely active message board with a very clear title stating what it's about, and it has yet to be closed. What does that tell you? To stop complaining.

And did I mention the clocks? Look at the clocks on both cars and you can see that the runs were taken 25 minutes apart. I doubt M33 sets his clock that far in advance, but just another example of how every measure was taken to ensure this thread wouldn't be interpreted as a race thread.

Getting back to the vids --- Izz I can't even think what it would feel like to accelerate that quickly through triple digits... it's real impressive how it seems to effortlessly pull throughout the range. Damn.