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Originally Posted by e46e92love View Post
So an X3M and an ///M3 will officially have the same engine? AND YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE IT TO THE X VERSION FIRST, not the ///M3?!?!?! HAHAHAH.....
Sure, they did it with the X5/6M, its the same engine with a couple tweaks in the new M5, its their new way of testing the engine on SUVs before putting them in the hard core markets of the M3/M5. If buying the future M3 you should be happy BMW is doing this, you will be getting an engine that has already been tested in the wild and improved on like the M5 is.

I think people are just mad because with AWD the X3M will probably tie the new M3 in most real world stop light starts, the AWD will just put the power to the road easier and if there is any trace of wet it will blow away the M3, plus you never know what kind of enhancements the X3M driver might have made to a tri-turbo engine, could easily get 500 HP safely. and no M3 driver wants to be beaten by a big X3,