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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
BMW should be able to make much more power than 450 PS with THREE turbos!
The 3rd unit would only change the HP/TQ curves, not the peaks. By your logic, a 10-turbo engine would be better than 2, and that's not the case .

Originally Posted by burrito007 View Post
bi-turbo + electric supercharger.
Indeed. Good observation. Can't imagine the complexity and weight, when customers don't want any more.

I just can't understand why not just give up gas-guzzling individual throttle-bodies and leave the S65 with a single (or dual at the most) TB, rather than go 180 and end up with an equally heavy and more complicated V6/I6 TTT contraption ? A V8 TT is not going to happen, so it'd be a modified S65 V8 with about the same power or a more powerful FI 6 (a larger NA V8 is out of the question too). I much rather have the former than the latter, but it's all but guaranteed the latter won. BMW lost a customer in me, but am sure they'll gain many others; that's the way it is. Good day gang.