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actually there is.... that argument was from the '60s muscle car era
I understand what you guys are arguing, my concern would be how much power can they make while keeping the motor reliable? They have to up the ante from 420 bhp from the normal aspirated beauty of v8 but what configuration, cc's?
That is the question, let's enjoy what we have for the next 3 years and then see what those engineers come up with in Bavaria.

My friend has a Toyota supra twin turbo with over 100,000 miles on it still going strong , it has upgraded fuel system,hks single turbo 4" full exhaust , it has 600 rwp and it's been like this for years,it's an absolute beast,That is old technology compared to today ,they have basically perfected turbos, I'm sure it will be really reliable , also it's so easy to add power to a turbo engine