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Originally Posted by Matski View Post
Well, technically the car that is robbing the M badge of its exclusivity is the M3 as it's by far the biggest seller. I have yet to see either an X5 or X6M on the road.

Personally, I don't mind the idea of X3M or X1M, I'm sure they'd both be a hoot to drive, so long as the money is re-invested in producing a bonkers version of the M6
I think in England/Europe, people are more practical than say US/Canada. From my trip earlier this year, I didn't see much SUV's, or big cars. People still buy their BMW's and Mercedes, but they're diesel 3er's and 5er's, C/E-Class. Here In Toronto, I've seen quite a few X5/X6M's. So unless there's a mysterious diesel M car, I doubt you'll see any increases of these M cars.

But in terms of M SAV/SUV's, I think if there were one you could look at and say it makes the most sense, it would be the X3 and maybe X1 (I haven't seen or driven one so I can't comment on the feel of it). Sure the X3 has grown a bit in size but it's not as big as the X5. The X3 looks like the perfect balance of performance and utility.