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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
No I didn't lose an argument to anyone. He made unsubstantiated claims, (just as you have done), but he provide no proof what so ever of his interpretation of law being upheld in court. As with all cases there are two sides to a legal argument. If you look long enough you'll find someone to agree with your beliefs, even if they aren't supported in a court of law. That's how some lawyers cash in on naive people. If you're feeling lucky when BMW voids your warranty, take your case to court and see how it all works out. Then maybe you'll have a better understand of the terms and conditions of you new vehicle warranty.
A quick search of his posts, the last 3 months reveals very rare deviations from the following obsessive topics (Turn ons):

1. Engine Oil
2. HPFP Failures
3. Warranty questions related to the installment of aftermarket components

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