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Originally Posted by sflemon View Post
Off topic anyway.

Back on.........

Why I think this car is better than the new M3? We can't really say until we see track/drag numbers and a true price.

Until then, for Audi fans, and M3 fans, all this is mental masturbation trying to justify or refute a car's status.

As for older models, the track times are all over the place depending on where you look. On, there a LOT of BMW times on their charts and a few VW/Audi times. Comparing like for like competitors, the standard outgoing M3 came in at 1.31.8 and the S4 came in at 1.30.9
Seeing as these aren't done on identical days, let's chalk it flat for the .9 difference. The M3 edges the S4 in base trim by 7 seconds on the Nurburgring. Seeing the S4 in base trim has 265bhp vs. the M3's 333bhp, it was at an obvious disadvantage. The RS4, with 375bhp edges the M3 by 10 seconds.

So, it becomes difficult to compare on a trim vs. trim basis on cost and power. The trim levels are just so different as is the power at each trim. BMW at one trim romps the Audi, the Audi in a different trim romps the BMW.
Here was hope that another one would take that "statement" on so I don't have to, but nevertheless.

What the hell are you talking about? I'm trying not to comment your verbal lapses, so here are the facts:
You're telling the M3 being 7 seconds faster on Nürburgring than the S4. Right, but that's the B6 S4, so we're not talking about 265bhp on the S4, we're talking about 344bhp (in germany - that's one hp more than the M3 had in Germany). So no power advantage at all for the M3, same power which resulted in 7 seconds difference. The S4 you're talking about (B5) does the Ring in 8.42 (so we're at 20 seconds!).
Referring the RS4 you're providing the same kind of misinformation: The 375bhp achieved a 8.25 (3 seconds slower than M3).
So who's the fanboy now? Stop bashing with wrong information! :mad:
To cool down you could read some S5/335i comparisons to get an idea who the duel between M3 and RS5 will end...

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