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Did I read this right... X5M and X6M are very popular with young female's in Asia?

Good god just from this comment we can see the M brand purely stands for marketing. Those cars are obviously sold as pure status symbols without any of it's potential utilized anymore.

I'm Taiwanese myself and I know how Asian women drive... (besides the scarily, crapily and wreckless part) they drive slow! In Asia there isn't even anywhere to drive fast.

= These cars are just pure "hey look at me i'm rich I can afford a M car" They could not care if the car had a M steering wheel for better grip feel, or a race motor to beat on, or brakes that don't fade... technically BMW could badge a X5 base model with a M badge (same motor wheels brakes suspension etc) and they car will sell like hotcakes in Asia -_-

Anyhow I know obviously most ppl buy BMW's as status symbols and what no and never use their potential but just found the M SAV's to be purchased by women really interesting.

Business is business at the end of the day i guess...