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Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
> As a side note, may I ask you if you find the evidence from the Quran interesting at all?

I find the passion with which you talk about it interesting.

I think it's unlikely I'll ever become a muslim though.

> Have you looked at the website?

Yes, but the images *which I presume contain the content you talk about don't load.

Oh, thats sad to hear. You know I always pray to Allah to bring more people to Islam, because he chooses to guide and to not guide people. I can only keep answering your questions and give you every piece of information you want about Islam. But I am very confident if you knew Islam inside out you would infact accept it, its very hard to explain...

Oh, well at the side there is a menu with headings and subheadings. Each subheading will present a piece of evidence from the Quran and back it up with science. I'll save all the text and upload it as a text document for you, you dont need to read it all if you dont want, but I'll give you it anyway...