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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
I can't believe Tito made $450,000 from that fight and thats a flat rate too, win or loose he would have gotten that much. thats just nuts, to compare GSP made $200,000 when he fought Jake Shields. and this is 1/3 P4P best of the world

and if you ask yourself, what did the other 2 P4P best fighters made in their last fights? Anderson made $200,000 when he KOed Belfort. Jose Aldo made $24,000 against Mark Hominick. And also Jon Jones made $70,000 when he beat Shogun. BTW, these are just base salaries, they dont include win bonus or any other bonuses

but how can you justify that amount for Tito? thats more than the top 3 guys combined
I'm pretty sure Anderson Silva got a percentage of PPV and think GSP got the same. The salaries can be misleading