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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
My understanding is '06 CS had oil starvation issues, rear main seal failures, etc., so I wouldn't consider that a problem in a newer car. I'd be worried about direct injection with the new one, but I assume you did your homework on that already. With 3 years of production, there should be cars with 50K miles or so, to judge long-term reliability. But with the spartan interior changing (finally!) in '12, I honestly wouldn't buy a new one right now.

If you want PDK, get a CS man, especially if you want A/C and radio. You're paying extra for a minimal performance advantage and ugly colors . Plus it's not going to ride as harsh, especially with PASM. Good luck.
The ims and rms have been designed out of the engine on 09+ models, so you are good if you buy a cayman r. No worries.

But that green is UG-LAY! This is coming from a guy who loves PRG and malachite.