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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
....I owned a Z4M coupe, and despite having 1 of only ~1800 coupes in the COUNTRY, it didnt hold value well at all.....
I bought one of the Z4Mcoupes in 07, there were several factors at play that affected the lack of interest at the time. The obvious one was that the Z4 is a total niche car, 2 seats, small trunk, tight quarters, limited practicality. The second factor was we were on the verge of the debut of the new M3 with a hot new V8 engine. Thirdly, the economy was starting to take a serious dive. The current Z4M values have actually held steady for the last 3 years, selling for just about the same price I sold mine for 3.5yrs ago.

Ironically, when the M3 came out, they were not flying off showroom floors(not anything like the E46), some previous M3 owners looking to upgrade were experiencing sticker shock as there was a significant jump in price. I got 9k knocked of MSRP and a free 1 day M Performance Driving School for myself and a friend.

Yes, the Z4M was limited to 1815 but the demand was not there. The 1M is different. It has 1/2 the supply and serious demand. It has mass appeal, it's far more practical and if you don't understand simple supply and demand and how it affects the market value of a car I don't know what to tell you.