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Originally Posted by kitw View Post
Personally, I thought the Eibachs rode great for about 2 days. Then, I noticed that on certain bumps, it felt like the car couldn't quite gather itself up after the bump, there was clearly not enough rebound damping.

I think that the issue is how much the Eibachs tended to use the stock bump stop. I felt like at least twice a day I'd hit a medium sized bump and the car would just rebound out of control after it, giving it a fairly unsettled feeling.

Dinan is very careful with their suspension not to run out of travel and I much preferred the ride, although it was not low enough for me.

I'm the same way, i've done springs and shocks and every time I end up ripping them out for coilovers. (E36 M3, S2000 #3, E46 M3, M Z4, S2000 #4, 335i #1, S2000 #5, Evo, etc) the E90 M3 is the only car I've stayed with just springs (And they were the Dinan setup)

sounds like we're on the same page. i hate that feeling. ok sounds like i am not gonna touch it. lol