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Originally Posted by BlueMonde View Post
Thanks! Can you post your mods?

ROAD TRIP!! lol or we can buy you an Airfare ticket and hotel for you
Lol, it'd be a while before I had time to come out to Houston unfortunately. As for coding, I can't do retrofit coding (even for equipment you purchased afterward that's OEM for your car, like folding mirrors or an alarm that wasn't installed at the factory), but I can do config changes such as:

Remove Seat Belt Chime
Disable Auto Dim Mirrors
Close Windows/Roof with keyfob
Fold side mirrors with keyfob and Comfort Access
Eject Key Fob with Engine Off
Start engine without pressing brake
Unlock Doors on engine off
Disable iDrive Disclaimer
Fuel Stop Suggestion in iDrive Route Guidance
Alarm beep only on lock or unlock
Disable windows safety feature (one-touch up/down will continue even if door is open while window is moving)
Double-blink hazards
Engine Auto Start/Stop starts in last used state
Enable older REST feature on cars with an ALL button on AC panel
Central Lock button only works with key in ignition
Wipers return to End position after turning engine off
Auto Headlight Sensitivity adjustment (doesn't work if you have iDrive)
Digital speedometer
Digital speedometer correction factor on/off
Remove door gong
EfficientDynamics Shift Suggestion in 6MT
Instant MPG
Instrument Cluster Lighting Always On
Moonroof auto-close when rain detected
Both xenons and halogens as high beams
'16 Cayman GT4 (delivery pics, comparison to E92 M3 write-up)

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