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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
You bet. If you have a dealer that will actually help with coding, there's a lot of other convenient stuff you can ask them to do that's no more difficult. For example, I've coded the following on mine:

- Instant MPG
- Doors unlock when engine is turned off (no more pressing the Central Locking button or "double-clutching the door handle")
- Keyfob is ejected when engine is turned off (no more pushing the keyfob in to pull it out)
- Windows and moonroof can be closed with the keyfob rather than just opened (this is enabled by default on Euro cars but disabled on US cars because we're too quick to sue)
- Unaltered digital speedometer (in default mode it's consistent with the analog speedo, which is programmed to read about 7% fast as a safeguard since it's illegal for them to read even 1% slow)
- EfficientDynamics shift suggestions, for those few times when you want to drive to optimize fuel economy (6MT only)
- Alarm beeps on lock but doesn't beep on unlock (I like the lock beep since it doesn't happen if a door is only partially closed but the useless unlock double-beep always got on my nerves)
- iDrive startup legal disclaimer removed
- iDrive fuel stop suggestion (if you have a route configured you can go to Route Information and it will list gas stations near where you'll need to refuel and immediately let you add one as a waypoint)

If you want details on any of these, please PM me. Wouldn't want to cause a .
Good info!

There should be a sticky on this board that tells you what is programmable.

I know when I had my Lexus IS350 there was a sticky on the Lexus board that explained all of this and what can be changed. Very useful.

I'm surprised there is no information on here about these settings?

Maybe I just haven't found it yet.
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