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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Is it just me or does the rear wheels have a much smaller inner lip than the 19" wheels. The 19" have 3" of inner lip and these rears look just like the front. They also appear less concave than th 19" rears. Otherwise, beautiful,
Heath, we kept the rear lip to a minimum in order to shave weight. We were able to very significantly reduce the weight of the rears with a few changes to the wheel in order to keep them under our weight targets. Lastly, we were decided to make the 20" weigh only a tad bit more than our 19" in order for to get the best of both worlds: the aesthetics of a 20" without the loss in performance a 20" usually brings.

As far as concavity goes, the 20" is just as concave as the 19". We'll have our lead engineer chime in on this further