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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
He will have the same amount of front end grip as he did before...the difference will be that in a turn he will be able get on the throttle earlier and harder.
And two drivers could have very different perceptions. The car would have relatively more rear grip than before, which would result in moving the handling balance towards more understeer. But what is the driver doing? Some would stay on throttle and grind away the front tires. Others would get some rotation with a gentle throttle lift and then enjoy the additional grip on corner exit. The car may be faster/slower in different parts of the turn. I heard something once that I have decided is absolutely true. Given a reasonable range of handling balance through which a car can be set up, it doesn’t make a heck of lot of difference, if the driver is willing/able to deal with it. We all have preferences about it, which gets down to how we enjoy driving, but not what is correct.