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Originally Posted by DriftDreamzSS View Post
Wow, I get the boxster but surprised you would take the e93 over the 911 turbo. What were the specs on the 911, coupe or cab, 6mt, x50? Got any pictures of it? Ive been really wanting to pick one of those up, I cant believe how much car you get for such little money with those. Ive seen decent ones for 40k and immaculate x50 ones for under 50k. Some day I really want a 911, 996 TT seems like the obvious choice for value but im thinking 993 turbo or 997 C2S w/ aero would be awesome too.
I look at the car as a whole, not just the performance aspect of it

A 996 turbo is an old old car now. Maintenance is high, upkeep isn't cheap. You may get one for 50k, but expect to put aside a couple grand for repairs etc.

This is why I hate buying cars, especially used ones out of warranty. Cars brake, it's a fact, and it's not cheap to fix. Even if I could do the work myself (which I can't) parts aren't cheap.

It was a manual, another reason I prly didn't like it. I like manual cars once in a while, but I absolutely hate them for daily driving, especially in traffic. I rather just let the car do the shifting for me.

I got a manual cause that's what you're suppose to do with Porsches right? Especially a turbo right? Yeah big mistake.
the boxster was an auto and I enjoy that

A used out of warranty Porsche is not something to get as a primary car. I don't think any out of warranty car is something to get as a primary car...

If it'll be your second or 3rd car that barely sees any real mileage, then sure. But if you plan on driving it 1k per month.... not for me.

I pick the M3 because no maintenance cost and under warranty

I choose to do extras like getting stainless steel brake lines, motul 600 brake line fluid, hawk pads, doing a mid cycle oil change. Hell I'm debating the mid cycle oil change...only doing it cause I'll have 7500 miles and 7 track days...and if i wait unti dec it'll be around 11k miles with 12 or so track days. I just feel bad not doing the extra oil change lol

Plus the E93 is a hard top vert, I hate soft top verts.
I also like having usable back seats and a somewhat usable trunk :P

Now, give me a brand new loaded Porsche C2S for the same lease price as my e93 and I'll take that no question