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Originally Posted by ring007 View Post
Take a look at the pics. Think Michelin will warranty them under their mileage warranty?

2 days with about 6-7 hours of track time corded the shoulders on both fronts. Running -3 camber on E92 M3. The rest of the tire tread is between 5/32 and 8/32 remaining. overall it is a fair track tire but not as good as the Yoko AD08s for track use. Traction isn't quit up to the AD08's and I usually get 2-3x the wear out of the AD08's then I did the PSS. However since the AD08's are symetrical and directional you can remove and reinstall on the other side of the car as you wear the shoulder down and double the shoulder life of the tires.

Going to stay away from the PSS for now......
Iím surprised at your wear. I just finished a track weekend on PSS tires, using 275/35-18 all around, and I was pleased. They got a bit slippery towards the end of each session, but it was extremely hot, and hard to keep the pressure down. My suspension is stock, and I can get only about -1.5 camber, but still I did not experience any outside wear problem. I have decided, with cars of this weight and suspension setup, itís not worth the small time advantage to push brakes and tires to the maximum. But, thatís just me and my sissy driving I guess. It is what it is, and your are obviously pushing the car harder, so maybe the PSS will not work for you.

Regarding a mileage warranty claim, you can always try. The last time I read the fine print in a mileage warranty, all four tires had to be worn to at least a minimum measurement before an adjustment was offered. But maybe this one is different. Good luck.