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Originally Posted by gerritg View Post
I have a question:

Mineral white has just entered into BMW color market place. Its looks when dark more like silver white. If it is clean and bright outside it has a nice white brilliant look. Its a standard color and is a nice alternative to the aplinweiss II.

Brilliant white is an individual paint. It looks more beige when there is no sun. If sun shines directly it looks amazing beautiful white.

Both paints are difficult to paint. You can look online at Glasurit. Both colors are a five layer paint.

As I will repaint my car I am not sure which color to take. I was even considering the diamond white of Mercedes which is also an individual 5 layer paint.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your kind help
The photos are of my car and I would have to disagree with the beige color you are referring to. I personally do not see any beige color in any lighting, but maybe it's my eyes.

Anyway, the brilliant white color in the sun is absolutely stunning! I get asked several times what color it is every time I drive it. Most people think it is a custom color and not a factory color.

I have not seen Mineral White in person, but I don't think you can go wrong with either BW or MW if you want a white that really pops!

I'll try to post up some other photos for you to see it in some different lighting conditions.

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