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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
Have you looked at residual values on the 1M? They dont support your speculation. 36 months only retains 48% of its value. Thats pretty bad and will not bode well for auction/trade in values or ultimately private party values either. Conversely, an M3 coupe has a 59% residual after the same period of time.
My family owns several high end car dealerships and I have a friend who owns another, so I know a bit more about how these things work...not that its rocket science. Unless its a very high end car (think GT2 RS, GT3 RS 4.0, 430 Scud) they just arent going to retain value very well.
One other thing to note is that there is a new 1 series that will be out very soon, and another 1M that will be faster and better in every way than the current one.
That's great that the residual is 48% (btw its 53% for 36 month/15k per year for June 2011). The 2011 Z4 3.5is 24 month/15k per year residual was 64% back in March and is 79% for June. Based on your logic, you're telling me that the 2 year old/30k mileage value of a 2011 car went UP 15% in ~3 months...tell me how much residuals mean.

From what I've seen, BMW usually keeps residuals low and money factors high for newly introduced cars. Same thing happened with the e9x m3 back when it went for sale in the US in spring 2008.

I do agree that when the new 1 series comes out and the new 1M is announced there will be a hit in value to these cars.