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Originally Posted by alpina527 View Post
Sorry, most of that went over my head.

Are you saying it's possible to get a good sound right through the range with my amp and subs?

I have the amp set with no filters. I thought the low pass filter had already worked before the loc?

Surely if I set a low pass filter I will lose the midrange completely.

Could you take a photo of your EQ settings please, or list them for me to try.

I am with you on the sub box etc. I would rather sort the sws subs out to keep things oem and save weight.
If I were you I'd run a a low pass filter and see if the sound quality improves. The SWS is pretty terrible above 120, you will hear it. Try adding the low pass at 200 and gradually decrease to 100 and see if it improves things. Once you find something you like better, then add 200Hz back gradually with the OEM eq until you like it.