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Originally Posted by jml View Post
Where are you crossing over the SWS subs? I used a 24dB/octave filter at 110Hz, and then boosted to 200Hz band on the eq to the max. Seems to fill in the hole left by SWS somewhat - not awesome. Female vocals don't really grab you by the balls, but I can live with that.

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The green trace is the line level output from the sub channel on the EPS system. You can see where it roles out, giving you an idea where the midrange 4" speakers crossover points. The blue is an RTA trace from my system with the SWS subs (500w mono), but without any EQ tuning (except for what I was able to do on the sub channel through the 3Sixty to fill in bass holes).

You can see the mid-range hole from 100-200Hz. Before you get crazy and buy new subs, one thing you might consider is playing with the OEM subs a bit more. It could be that the stock tuning was conservative and that you could achieve more if you had control over relative volume (you own amp) and bass eq under 100Hz.

One issue I have with a second sub system is the weight it will add to the car. If that's not an issue for you, then that may be the best way to go in the long run.
Sorry, most of that went over my head.

Are you saying it's possible to get a good sound right through the range with my amp and subs?

I have the amp set with no filters. I thought the low pass filter had already worked before the loc?

Surely if I set a low pass filter I will lose the midrange completely.

Could you take a photo of your EQ settings please, or list them for me to try.

I am with you on the sub box etc. I would rather sort the sws subs out to keep things oem and save weight.