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Mazda is correct. The ballast is what puts the watts out for the bulb. Most HID bulbs are rated for 65w so you will be fine. All the aftermarket bulbs are the same pretty much, at 95% of them come from China manufacturers. On post #4, you will see the regular connector and then the amp connectors you have. You can always cut off the regular connectors as it will do no harm to you.

The only bulbs out there that is something worthy of buying for your headlights to see if phillips or osram which you will pay top dollar for but for the generic H1, H7, H8, 9006, 9005, etc, you can just buy the generic ones from ebay and no need to pay 250 as they are taking you for a ride. Best thing is for you to remove the HID kit for the angel eyes and get a lux kit imho. If the HID bulbs are running too hot, it will burn off the chrome in your housing. HiDs were not meant to be in your angel eyes, honestly if you think about it, how much research could there be done when the car just came out, no way would these vendors would have access to put HIDs and do the research that has to be done...most will feed bs.