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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
SWS subs ARE boomy and lacking in midbass. We m,ake certain to let everyone know that before purchase. I don't think your amp has enough power to force an SWS woofer to play midbass, honestly. I couldn't get much out of them with 100x2 of Zapco DSP amp (with 10 parametric bands of EQ). I switched my own car to Jehnerts and prefer them, but I don't listen to rap/hip-hop or much techno.

I would try lowering the bass control a bit below center and then boosting 100 in the EQ a couple clicks above center.
Thanks for that, I will try the tweaks.

Failing that, would I be better off re fitting the original premium mids and fitting standalone subs somewhere else?

I am not looking for ultimate deep bass, just a bit better than standard. I know of your 12" box for the rear, but that's not for me. I am looking for something small and compact that isn't too heavy and looks oem or is hidden somewhere.

Having bought the 4 channel amp, I would prefer to buy 2 small subs instead of one which would need a new one channel amp.