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Originally Posted by bapesta206 View Post
m33 with no seat belts!?? great vid!
Like you never had sex without a condum and survived
Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
wow its amazing what a primary cat delete will do hahahha awesome vid
Agreed but the Dinan 2&3/4 midsection robs some power in 4th when banging through gears but it def helps in all other gears !!
Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I see what you mean...though you were talking 30-150, second race yes the 11 is much faster, likely due to primary cat delete.
One other thing is that M33s coupe is over 200 lbs lighter than IMG's sedan.
Well put , I'm having a custom 2&1/2 catless midsection made which will give some back pressure as I feel these setups like back pressure at maximum boost so it should balance out ... Well see....

Any others that would like to contribute some footage of their speedo ? Would be cool to compare !