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Originally Posted by bmwboi View Post
With so few coming to the US, I seriously doubt they will be hitting $30k anytime soon. In the long run, I think the 1M may hold its value better than the e9x M3 simply due to low production volume although a lot of this depends on the next generation of M cars I'm sure.

I haven't driven one but based on what I've read/watched, the 1M seems like a great buy for the money compared to other cars brand new.
I am not saying what you predict is not a possibility but will say that residuals do not hold up just because of low production numbers. I predict this car will be in the low to mid $30s sometime within the next two to two and a half years. FTR, I most definitely agree that this car is an exceptional bang for the money. I love the car and haven't even driven one.