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Originally Posted by tHegeRm View Post
True, but the real scientists of growing will still be making that killer kind for the likes of Kie and myself.
I dont worry about it, the best weed on this earth remains undiscovered still. but i know where it is... tee hee

Originally Posted by tHegeRm View Post
Oh it will def be a planned in advance trip, no last min shit for me. Got this GDP that is off the chain, just wish I could get you some. Guess you'll just have to make a Cali trip sooner than later. We could even go visit my boy up north if your down...
cool, once you give me a heads up, ill make sure and get a nice little assortment for us to smoke while your here

Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
Marijuana is currently selling as much a Viagra. It's a multi-billion industry in America and it's considered illegal in almost every state, well all since the closest is medicinal. We have to wait for the lobbyist groups to start going to Washington first and the government has to decide how much to profit first before legalizing it. As soon as it's legalized there will be almost a monopoly on it because they will be the company most favored by the government.
and this is sadly true. I wont be able to do a real monopoly in terms of disp.... but im pretty confident that my disp. will be the highest rated, and most favored in queens. Im going to sell real rasta man weed. done know. i dont care to sell variety, im catering to veteran smokers, or people in dire pain.

Originally Posted by ramtin325i View Post
I can completely understand where you are coming from but have you ever smoked sativa wax? I tried it for the first time and it wasnt too bad, it gave me a body high like you mentioned but at a stronger dose (of course) to the point where it mentally felt like indica.

Have you ever tried edibles, if so how do you like it?
If you are using 2oz+ a week, how the fck do u still get high??
never tried sativa wax, sounds appetizing from your experience though. I love edibles, but its not something i care too much to buy.... ill cook with weed thats it.

the secret in always being able to get high is really inside most GNC's nationwide. go to your local GNC, buy the herbal cleanse ultimate 7-10 day detox in a gold box. Do what is says, follow the plan, do the full 10 days, and dont smoke during those 10 days.

this completely resets your smoking tolerance, no fucking joke. when you take that first smoke you'll thank me, youll almost feel like it was the first time getting high. I do this every 6 months.

Also, during the day my smokes are never more than 1g big. save the bigger smokes for night time so no matter what the tolerance, you will register a difference in the highs.
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