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iTrader: (39) | ADV1 TRAK Function 3 Piece Forged Wheels Available NOW!!!

PYSpeed - ADV1 TRAK Function 3 Piece Forged Wheels
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Trak Function is our traditional style step lip / non concave profile three piece wheel configuration designed to provide a lightweight, extremely high quality custom made forged 3 piece wheel at a competitive price point for the mid level sports car market. We've engineered and manufactured a newly designed forging die allowing us to pre-machine Trak Function wheels in what we call "raw" form meaning unfinished with no drilled pcd, center bore or backpad. What this allows us to do is use a highly efficient forging, machine in bulk and drill pcd, cb and pad height to order based on the application. The wheels are assembled using ADV.1's standard high quality US parts based on the vehicle size / offset and finished to order normally within a 2 week time frame. What this means to you is you now have an inexpensive yet high quality custom machined wheel from ADV.1. Although they do not share certain qualities found on other ADV.1 wheels, such as concave profiles and individually tailored engineering & lathe profiles, Trak Function wheels offer an alternative to the saturated market of entry level forged 3 piece wheels.

- Designed for max lip / aggressive offset fitment
- Standard flat forging profiles designepaddid for the deepest possible lip size
- Forged 60/61-T6 US manufactured ADV.1 parts
- ADV.1's "entry level" 3 piece forged series available for most applications
- Trak Function Configuration available on all ADV.1 styles & with all ADV.1 options
- Available in sizes 18" through 22" with widths up to 15" or more
- Order specific sizes and et's, hubcentric cb's, and custom finishing standard
- Some styles available with or without fasteners
- Prices start as low as $4k / set
- Pre-stocked at all times in raw form for lead times as fast as 10 days in most cases
- Now taking orders

- Standard center disc finishes: gloss / matte black, silver, ADV.1 bronze, gunmetal, brushed
- Standard lip finishes: high luster polish
- Standard inner barrel finish: raw aluminium
- Standard center cap: ADV.1 embossed cap

- Custom finishing in any finish / combination
- Race lightening packages & titanium fasteners

PHOTO is ARKYM AeroRace One E90 M3 with 20inch ADV5.2 TRAK Function