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Originally Posted by Rshane View Post
The one thing I really love about my Akra Evo is the sound quality. I don't really get the whole "I want the loudest thing out there" mentality. That was cool for me when I was a teenager with my Mustang, but all that really does is annoy everybody and is not really great on long drives. Not to mention, sometimes super loud sounds like shit, whereas something a little less intrusive sounds 10 times better.

Also, so many people want something that screams at 8000rpm, but I don't drive at 8000 rpm everywhere I go, I am normally below 3000rpm range when cruising around, and that is where the Akra really turns heads from quite a distance away, not because it is annoyingly loud, but because it sounds powerful and bassy at those RPM's. Perfect for driving around town.

Also, the quality of the system cannot be beat IMO...not to mention the weight savings.

In the end, I figured I paid a lot for this car, and I did a lot of research to figure out the best exhaust for the car. Sure the Akra costs more, but in the end, you get what you pay for....the sound matches the car perfectly.
Thanks for the advice. actually I kinda like a bassy and deep sound rather than a F1 sound, it's not so annoying and sounds more powerful.