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Originally Posted by Kroy View Post
medical marijuana is legal in california. we grow our own. and to blame america for your cartel wars is ridiculous; if you want to blame, blame the mexican government's inadequacies. regulate yourself.
Originally Posted by DM1 View Post
I hope more people would think like that Key, that's because you're a top tier smoker right? But all those other trash smokers do buy and use the shittiest Mexican weed, that's the problem.

Anyway I don't intend to make this a drug war discussion, I just believe that it is wrong now days to give money to people like that.

And I do know Mexico sucks at a lot of things,... Almost everything haha, wish the people here would have different culture habits.


Keep up with the questions,....
yeah i feel you.... Its like desperation weed ahahah. but the reason people buy it is because its SO CHEAP. Im sure an ounce of that mexican brick weed would cost no more than 60 dollars. an ounce of real high grade on the black market is 500 an ounce. So if we legalized weed, two things would happen:

your $60/ounce brick weed will no longer sell, and my high grade will be half the price of $500, and everyone wins!!!!!

yes, culture there is quite different, but its your culture. You live it, you breathe it, you are it. So yes the war is bad, but as a song i was just listening says,

"you better know your route or else you'll get salute by a gun dispute". its true for mexico, jamaica, and trinidad. I come from a land of raping, murdering, and killing except there is no purpose to it. at least in mexico we can pinpoint the origins of the trouble and end it, but in jamaica and trinidad its more or less hopeless.

so be happy, that your problems can at least be diagnosed and fixed bro, just give it time.
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