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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
Thats simple, make it legal and the drug war goes away.

Drug war is a battle that will never be won, they are wasting their time
yeah, just look at alcohol prohibition as the model, the story is identical.

Originally Posted by DM1 View Post
Not to spoil your thread but do you and any pot smoker in the US realize that because of your addiction we are having a major war against drug cartels? I admit to have tried it and it's cool but won't even think of buying it now since all that money goes to the assholes that go around driving in the streets of my city with fucking AK-47's scaring everyone and shooting randomly or throwing grenades to police headquarters, kidnapping anyone, making bomb threats in schools and fucked up stuff like that.

I'm sorry but even though it is cool and I believe it should be legalized so we all can enjoy a good relaxing trip, I cannot pass by the fact that the demand drives the offer and all that money is killing my Country and some others.

You know whats the saddest part of this? mexican weed is ultra trash and if you want to do us a favor, just burn the fields down. those fucking mexicans dip their weed in coke or cut it with glass. as far as im concerned, drug wars or not, you should fucking murder the animals in your country.

that aside, the solution is simple, if we legalize the herb the the black market is shut down. but mexicans will just turn to something else, its the nature of the beasts that have been breed via the drug war. sticky sticky situation my friend, but you guys put yourself there.

and mexico was never really safe anyways to begin with, so what can you really do? just accept it for what it is, and hope when herb is legalized that the mexicans dont go to somewhere else or something else... but you'd really have to murder/execute these dogs to rid the problem.
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