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Funny how many birthday wishes a girl may get. I hope you realize how important girls in this forum are. We all love you, for you're joly good bimmer fellows

Seriously, have a very nice day and why not, a very happy next year and ... what the heck a very nice life. Now I guess your child medium t-shirt will become really small, now that you're a day older .

I wonder, if the habit of wishing happy birthday to someone will become daily and regardless of gender ??!?!!!!???!!?! Mine is soon btw

Oh yeah. Maybe we should also celebrate our first year on the forum and of our cars ! It's a bit soon tho for this I guess.

Happy birthday Bella. Wish I could send you a tender hug and a little tap on the shoulder. All my thougths will be with you today. Let me go meditate on this now ....

With love ... and friendship.
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