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Since you didn't put what model year in your sig, I assume you have an old one (you shouldn't be embarrassed to state the year man... and your location too ). And yes, I have an old one, and proud of it .

Not the typical sympton of a bad idle control valve (ICV not 'IAC'), but that's my guess. A bad ICV is a very common problem on '08 or '09s, but has also happened to newer ones. Did that coincide with hitting the A/C button or something else? At any rate, you'll have to wait until your DME throws a code before any dealer would do anything, so don't waste your time. You could check with a reader if there's a non-CEL-triggering code, but I doubt it. The good news is once it throws a CEL (aka the christmas tree), they clear a few times with an ignition cycle. Good luck.